Hello! And welcome! I'm Dana. Owner of Janie's. I'm the one behind the scenes. I handpick the clothing and jewelry, package and ship your orders, create the social media content, run the website and just all the things. And I recently made my way in front of the camera!

I began Janie's in honor of and named it after my sweet, late mother Jane in March 2018. And this has by far been one of the most fun ideas I've come up with!

My customers are on my mind all of the time and my intent always is to offer you items that make you feel beautiful and confident. I believe every woman deserves to feel that. And I absolutely believe one way to achieve that is through what she wears. Because when a woman is truly confident, she's un-freaking-stoppable. I think we need more women confidently living out their desires for life and giving this worlds what they have to offer!

Janie's is your stop along the way and a place I desire you keep coming back to...To get something that you absolutely love, that has you looking good and feeling good. So that you can go strut your stuff confidently, girl!! To live out your purpose and LOVE YOUR LIFE.